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Dienstag, 22. Januar 2019, 09:38


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Unser Onlineshop wird fortlaufend mit Produkten gefüllt.
Wir würden uns sehr freuen, Sie erneut bei uns anzutreffen.

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NoveltyStyle AG
Ebnatstrasse 131
8200 Schaffhausen

Fon: +41 52 632 31 13
E-Mail: info@chaosshop.ch
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Ipin (Gast) 06.03.2015, 14:25
Well, you could transfer all your Posts and Categories from <a href="http://nkltek.com">woreprdss</a>.com with just a few mouseclicks to your own <a href="http://nkltek.com">woreprdss</a> installation.In the admin panel go to Tools (german: Werkzeuge) and there must be a Data Import and Data Export.But if you're not completely sure what you do, try to ask a good friend to help with that stuff. Sorry, if my english sucks.
Rayssa (Gast) 06.03.2015, 03:48
IF you have a paypal ancuoct, less doubt it.. But even credible sites are known to give fake emails actually they don't make them anyway. So I suggest you trust no one You could end up like I did It totally looked real, and I fell for it, and nothing happened. I end up gaving my credit card number, although I don't know if it was being used for identity theft or something like that.. Check the links carefully!

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